Vocational Training for Young Women

Vocational Training for Young Women

Vocational training is excellent for improving the economic condition of women and youths. Young Women lack access to financial capital and have limited opportunities to gain education, knowledge and skills which lead to economic advancement.

More girls attending school also opens up new opportunities to learn about the basic life skills, often resulting in later marriages, healthier, and better-educated children. However, in many Asian developing countries, girls are often kept out of school, and many women are unable to read and write. Women who lack in knowledge and skills become vulnerable to cycles of illiteracy, poverty, and abuse.

Vocational Training and Employment opportunities should include the initiatives to match the market requirements and opportunities. It is required to design a quality training process which will build the technical and soft skills of girls but also engages the commitment of employers to hire the participants.

Employment Strategies are critical to helping girls elevate themselves and their families out of poverty. Young girls primarily enter the workforce to support their families financially. Therefore, safe and appropriate employment opportunities can strengthen their economic status, while developing social welfare and future job prospects.

Women Safety training can play a significant role in helping girls to get jobs. Vocational education typically includes a development of technical, entrepreneurship, and business skills. Vocational training is demand-oriented and builds the specific skills tailored to the employer's needs. Many Vocational training programmes help girls build an extensive set of soft skills, such as team-building, and communication which can be used in a variety of jobs. While soft skills complement demand-oriented training, research demonstrates that the success of vocational education depends primarily on a programmes ability to target and help girls develop the real technical and business skills needed by employers.

Vocational training for young women economic empowerment not only depends on the availability of jobs but also on protective policies in job environments and community-based support for their entrance into the workplace. Policymakers must ensure that laws promote gender equality in the workplace and incentivize employers to create a women-friendly work environment.

Importance aims of the Vocational training for young women

Vocational Training for Women is essential because they are hard workers and can make significant contributions towards their quality of life.

  1. Socio-economic empowerment of women to protest against violence.
  2. Enhancement of the quality of women's lives.
  3. Gender-based community development.
  4. Overcome the mental pressure of male dominance in the minds of the fairer sex.
  5. Highlight the importance of women education and promote their participation in economic development.
  6. To promote skills-based income support by training women and thereby empower them with the knowledge and to strengthen their position to make them one of the earning member of their families.
  7. Change the general perception that honour of a person lies in the seclusion of the women.
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