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How To Give First Aid In Emergency Case

When at high altitude where professional care difficult to reach it is necessary to be trained in basic first aid. This blog should help to prepare you for most emergencies situation which you learn in first aid training Center. Here Are Some Tips And Tricks: [1] Severe BleedingBlood can be lost very quickly from a severed artery, not least because it is highly pressurized. Extensive blood loss can be easily lead to shock, unconsciousness or death. To Treat, Follow The Instructions Below:Lay the person down and try to raise the injured portion, which reduces blood flow to the area and Read more

Understand Private Security License(PSARA) Before You Regret-ASTM PVT LTD

Understand Private Security Agency Regulation Act(PSARA) Before You Regret

Private Security Agencies are those organizations involved in providing security services including training of security guards.The operation of private security agencies is governed by Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005, in short, called as ‘PSARA.’ No private security agency can commence a business or provide security guard without holding a license.The demand for private security services has increased steadily among the public to protect themselves against the different types of crime. It led to increasing in private security agencies. Safeguard against antisocial/anti-national elements entering into the business of private security services and the government has regulated the formation and operation Read more

Things Nobody Told You About Business Continuity Planning- ASTM

Things Nobody Told You About Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity is described as “Common Sense”.  It is all about taking responsibility for your business and enabling it to stay on course. It is all about “keep calm and carry on”.Business Continuity is about building and improving flexibility in your business, and it’s about identifying your key products and services and the most important activities that underpin them and then. Once that analysis is complete, it is about investing plans and strategies that enable you to continue business operations and enable you to recover quickly and effectively from any type disruption whatever its size or situation. It gives you Read more


5 Important Announcements about PMKVY

1. DurationUnlike the earlier phase of the scheme that was for the FY 2015-16, the new phase is for 4 years (2016-20).The increased duration will help continuous implementation of the scheme. This move is going to positively affect the outcome and the overall impact on the skill development and employment ecosystem.2. Social TargetThe new phase have the target of skill development of 1 Crore youth over a period of 4 years. The target is more than 4 times the target of the inaugural phase of PMKVY. It makes PMKVY one of the largest skill development programs globally. Out of the Read more

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8 Things to Know about RSLDC

What is RSLDC?RSLDC is lead by Government of Rajasthan to cater to the challenges of organising a large number of livelihood opportunities for the poor people to increase labour force and to increase the income levels of workers in the state.The first state to establish a Mission on Livelihood is Rajasthan state in India to establish a Mission on Livelihoods. To address the challenges of unemployment and ensuring profitable and sustainable employment for youth of the state, Hon’ble Chief Minister created the Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood in September 2004.The objective of RMoL was to formulate appropriate and innovation strategies to Read more

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Security Guard Training

Why is Everyone Talking about Security Guard TrainingSecurity is a top priority in everyone mind. We now see security guard everywhere.  They patrol and provide security for airports, casinos, theme parks, stores, malls, schools, apartments, bus terminals, manufacturing plants, museums, cruise ships, and much more. Security guard is everywhere we go.  You might not notice them, but they are there; both in uniform and plain clothes.The security guard of today works at some of the employed buildings and is working with a highly intelligent and complex equipment that controls and tracks people. They work with closed-circuit television, remote and online access Read more

6 Things About Disaster Management Course You Have To Experience It Yourself

6 Things About Disaster Management Course You Have To Experience It Yourself Disaster Management can be defined as the organisation and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, response and recovery to reduce the impact of disasters. In Disaster management courses you can learn all types of risks that occur in a community and focuses on the implementation of practical programs to reduce the effects of natural Situation. Disaster management courses train professionals who can properly prepare populations for a disaster before it occurs. Education programmes offer information related to disaster response methods and Read more

10 Steps Needed For Putting Corporate Training Programs Into Action

10 Steps Needed For Putting Corporate Training Programs Into Action The corporate training programs are implemented and executed by human resource departments have changed drastically in the last few decades to synchronise with organisation goals. The training programs are done to give proper knowledge to the employees.Employees will be more loyal to the company if your care for their personal growth and development no matter how small or large your organisation. If your employee receives the relevant training, s/he will be able to deliver better results and thus improve the company bottom-line.If the external trainers are expensive, you may like to fit in as many Read more