The Orissa SC & ST development finance co-operative corporation ltd.

  • The objective of the Orissa skill development training and placement programme is to equip the rural youth with marketable skills that would ensure their guaranteed employment through a predesigned placement avenue.
  • Though each sector will have its own specific requirements, there are many generic knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) sought across jobs. It is found that employers want to recruit skilled workers. They require workers with basic academic skills taught in primary and secondary education with the ability to communicate, solve problems, and capacity for teamwork. These skills allow for cost effective training. The bottom line is that for vocational education to be effective it has to be demand-led. This programme aims to address this gap and identify employable rural youth and provide them with avenues for sustainable engagement through a planned and co-ordinate manner.
  • ASTM Skills is presently working with Orissa state govt. with 2 of its most important departments namely OSFDC and ITDA.
  • ASTM has been entrusted with a task of setting up centres in Rourkela, Sambalpur districts of Orissa and carry out skills training program in security sector .
  • The Orissa SC & ST development finance co-operative corporation ltd.
  • The OSFDC was established in the year 1979-80. Its objective is to implement / take up various economic programmes for the benefit of the poor Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe (DTDP) and Scavengers of the State.
  • The OSFDC implements a variety of income generating schemes and skill development programmes for which funds are received mainly from four sources. The Special Central Assistance (SCA) to Scheduled Caste Component Plan (SCCP) received from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is administered through the OSFDC primarily for family oriented income generating scheme in respect of SC families below the poverty line and related / relatable infrastructure. The income generating schemes are implemented involving Blocks, urban Local Bodies and District / Assistant District Management of OSFDC. Beneficiaries are given bank loan under viable schemes with 50% subsidy of the project cost. Besides OSFDC receives fund under SCA to TSP, for credit linked income generating schemes and infrastructure development incidental to income generation for dispersed tribals. OSFDC also receives funds from the National Finance Development Corporation of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and safaikarmacharies and implements programmes for the target groups.
  • ASTM Skills Pvt. Ltd. has trained more than 312 candidates in Sambalpur and Sundergarh districts.