Vocational Skills Training

ASTM Skills Pvt. Ltd. provides Vocational Skills Training to enhance the skill set of the students and fulfills the increasing requirement for skilled individuals in all parts of India. ASTM provides training to its students in different fields like Physical Security Training, Electronic Security Training, Fire Protection Training and Retail & Merchandising Training. This Training helps in educating people to work in a trade, as a technician or support roles in a variety of industries. Vocational Training is also known as career oriented education or job role specific education.  Technical or vocational work is usually based on the practical application of things while on the job and is traditionally non-academic but related to a particular trade or occupation. 

Why Take Vocational Skills Training From ASTM?

Vocational Training Courses at ASTM are specially designed to offer training for specific jobs. ASTM's course structures are designed and developed by industry experts and instructional designers, many of them are NOS aligned, keeping in mind that the students should be able to grasp each and every detail about their Vocational Training Courses. The students are given more practical training complemented by on the job training(OJT) to enhance their practical insights so as to make them more accustomed to their job environment and make it easier for them to adapt to their job roles. ASTM's vocational training is result/outcome oriented and tailored to help you learn and earn, develop your careers as entrepreneurs or employees with the right mixture of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to perform in the practical world. A large part of the education in ASTM is hands-on training. ASTM provides a link between unemployed individuals and the working world with the help of Vocational Skills Training Courses.

ASTM also offers training to its students in a carefully engineered environment. The courses are specifically designed by educational experts in order to nurture the student's vocational skills, technical abilities and soft skills. ASTM provides Vocational Skills training in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR regions. ASTM is also an approved training partner of National Skills Development Corporation and affiliated with Security Sector Skills Development Council(SSSDC), Electronic Sector Skills Development Council of India(ESSCI) and Retail Association Skills Council of India(RASCI).

Benefits Of Vocational Training

People, organizations, and governments invest in vocational education and training because of their positive outcomes, such as higher wages, better employability, economic growth, and improved productivity. It also brings non-economic benefits, such as lower absenteeism and lesser crimes. Those with vocational training can be more confident in their work environments as their training gives them the necessary competence that they will be able to handle any situation that gets tossed at them. Trained individuals will also be more at ease in comparison to their untrained counterparts with respect to job security and employment opportunities. These are the benefits of being trained in vocational skills. 

ASTM provides Vocational Skills Training in the following Four Fields:-